Twitter key help

Follow these steps to get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret needed to setup your Twitfox account.

  1. Open in your browser. If you get an access denied page then you may need to login to Twitter first using the sign in link in the top-right corner. You may also need to add a mobile phone number to your account as well before you can proceed.

  2. Complete the form. Enter anything in the first 3 fields describing your Twitter account and providing your website address. If you don't have a website, just enter In the Callback URL field, enter Then click Add a Callback URL underneath to save it.

  3. Underneath the form, check the box to say you've read the agreement and press the button to Create your Twitter application.

  4. From the new page click the Settings tab, scroll down to the Enable Callback Locking checkbox. Make sure this is UNchecked, and the one below it for signing in with Twitter IS checked. Then click Update Settings at the bottom.

  5. Then click the Permissions tab and change the setting to the third option: Read, Write and Access direct messages. Don't worry - we don't send any direct messages, but the setting is required to enable the permissions Twitfox needs. Then click Update Settings.

  6. Finally, select the tab at the top labelled Keys and Access Tokens. There they are - the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret you need to copy into the Twitfox setup page!

    Important note: make sure that the access level of your app is set to Read, Write and Access direct messages.